Beef in the News

Local raised beef is a hot trend and we aren't the only ones talking about it. The health benefits, proper raising conditions and support for local farms is taking the country by storm!   Read the supporting links below and you'll never buy supermarket beef again.

Recent Headlines Regarding Beef

August 07, 2014

If you thaw your steaks before cooking, You're doing it wrong

Our steaks are flash frozen and according to America's Test Kitchen they taste better than thawed steaks!

- The Huffington Post


June 13, 2014

4000 pounds of rib-eyes, other beef recalled; mad cow disease a concern

Our beef has never been recalled and never in a million years be exposed to mad cow disease.  Watch out if you plan on buying supermarket beef.



May 22, 2014

Stores could have received tainted beef

Another day, another report of tainted beef.  Be careful when you don't buy from us.



May 19, 2014

1.8 million pounds of beef recalled for E. coli risk

1.8 million pounds!  You'll never see this happening on McDougall Farm!  We take pride in raising healthy, happy cows and follow proper standards when bringing them to market.



August 1, 2013

50,000 pounds of ground beef is recalled, may be tainted by E. coli

Another major beef recall. All the more reason to eat McDougall Farm locally raised beef.

Los Angeles Times


July 23, 2013

5 Fatty Foods That Make You Skinny

Learn about the health benefit of the fat in grass-fed beef.

- The Editors of WOMEN'S HEALTH


June 27, 2013

9 Appalling Facts About Meat

Here are 9 facts about supermarket beef that are very concerning.  Be sure to know that you will never have any of these concerns with McDougall Farm's locally raised beef.

- Yahoo! Health

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